Grants to make your home more energy efficient.

Through relatively straightforward measures you can improve the energy efficiency of your home making it warmer, cheaper to heat and better for the environment. Although these involve huge potential for long-term savings, energy efficiency measures do require an initial investment.  Luckily there are grants and incentive schemes to help you in upgrading your home.  I have gathered up all the information to help get you started.

SEAI (Sustainable Energy Ireland) runs a grant scheme to allow homeowners to upgrade their homes with energy efficiency measures called the Better Energy Home scheme.

Grants are available for:

  • Roof insulation
  • Wall insulation
  • Boiler and heating control upgrades
  • Solar panels

To qualify for a grant:

  1. Your home must have been built before 2006.
  2. You must apply for and be approved for a grant before works commence
  3. All works must be completed by a SEAI registered contractor and comply with SEAI standards
  4. All works, including a published BER, must be completed and paperwork submitted to SEAI within six months of the grant offer.

Seven easy steps to get grant payment

  1. Decide on work to be done and grant to be applied for
  2. Select an SEAI registered Contractor
  3. Apply for grant and get approval
  4. Get works done by registered SEAI contractor
  5. Get BER done and published by registered BER assessor
  6. Submit complete and correct forms to SEAI
  7. Get payment directly into your Bank Account


Grants available:


  • €200 for Attic insulation-Up to 30% of the heat produced in your home may be escaping through a poorly insulated roof. 
  • €250 for Wall insulation (cavity)-On average, a home loses 20 – 30% of its heat through its walls and even more if they are not properly insulated.
  •  €900 (Apartment or Mid Terrace), €1350 (Semi-Detached or End of Terrace), €1800 (Detached House) for Wall insulation (internal dry lining)
  • €1800 (Apartment or Mid Terrace), €2700 (Semi-Detached or End of Terrace), €3600 (Detached House) for Wall insulation (external dry lining)
  • €560 for Heating controls with boiler (oil or gas) upgrade-homeowners can typically reduce their energy usage by up to 20% by installing a high efficiency boiler as a replacement for older lower efficiency models.
  • €400 for Heating controls upgrade only
  • €800 for Solar heating-typically, solar hot water systems can meet 50-60% of your annual hot water usage for free.
  • €50 for BER Rating

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