Repair and Upkeep of Deirdre Kelly Memorial, Ranelagh


I stood proudly with my local scout group the day they unveiled the memorial to local historian Deirdre Kelly on the triangle in Ranelagh. Deirdre had been the Group leader of Leeson Park Scout Group at one time as well as been a local historian and conservation activist, and it was fitting to see a memorial dedicated to her.

However, over the years the simply yet appropriate memorial of her bike placed in the ground under glass has fallen into disrepair. This is the sort of thing that Deirdre fought against, allowing our natural and built heritage to be mistreated and left in a state of decay.

I have recently contacted Dublin City Council to have this monument restored to its full glory.

The monument was installed by, and is looked after by the South East Area office. The condensation is an ongoing issue that I have been told has been difficult to resolve, but is being looked into. Furthermore the monument has been referred for cleaning in the first instance.

I will continue to update everyone on this as I get more information.