Saving the Poolbeg Chimneys is only the first step –

Saving the Poolbeg Chimneys is only the first step



Green Party councillors in Dublin are calling for a wider focus in discussions around the Poolbeg Chimneys. Saving the iconic landmarks is only the first step in the regeneration of the whole area. An emergency motion is to be put to Dublin City Council by Cllr Patrick Costello and Cllr Claire Byrne tonight, calling for an urgent local area plan to be drafted that will both protect the towers and push the redevelopment of the surrounding area.


Speaking today, local councillor Patrick Costello stated: “The refurbished Poolbeg chimneys will be a centrepiece for the whole bay, and can be a centrepiece of a redeveloped Poolbeg. By saving the chimneys and protecting this piece of architectural heritage we can set the tone for the whole development of this fantastic asset for Dublin.”


Councillor Claire Byrne stated: “The Glass Bottle site still lies empty, despite the city’s desperate need for housing and modern office space. It is just one of the many prime development areas around the capital that is being overlooked, and we’re calling on the Council to act quickly in order to save the chimneys, as well as realising the potential of the whole Poolbeg peninsula.”


Dublin City Council have failed to deliver on the City Development Plan. The area surrounding the chimneys has been zoned as a strategic development and regeneration area, but little has be done to realise the possibilities for tourist, commercial and residential development. The City Development Plan sets an objective of including Industrial Heritage sites on the record of protected structures, but the Poolbeg Chimneys, a key part of Dublin’s industrial heritage, have not yet been listed.


Photo by Darren Sweeny – Used under Creative Commons Licence –