School Shortages and Other Planning Disasters

We need more school places in our area.


I have met numerous families who struggle to get a place for their child. The importance of education is clear to everyone but there is something of a crisis in our area: people cannot get their children into local schools such is the demand for places and a lack of supply. Funding for measures to increase school places must be put in place to immediately alleviate this situation. This is Minister for Education’s constituency, yet the problem is getting worse not better.


This is just one problem where we need to use creativity and long term thinking


Tight urban areas such as Dublin 6 need to consider new models for a truly sustainable solution. We should adopt creative planning and development solutions that construct multi-purpose buildings. Buildings that grow and adapt to the changing requirements the surrounding community. So that when the urgent need is there for primary school places, it can take the overflow. And when those children grow older it can cater to them as space for teenagers and perhaps share it with their grandparents as a community space. When the neighbouring demographics change so can the building.


We must ensure all planning and development is in line with the infractuctrue needs of the communities, so that as the city grows we always have enough schools, hospitlas, roads, parking, public transport sewerage, instead of allowing wild sprawl and ad hoc after thought solutions.


Our children’s education suffering due to lack of school places is just one effect of when we get planning and development wrong.