Transparency and Accountability in Poolbeg


I am struck by the feeling that no one is in charge when it comes to the incinerator.

At a recent Public Accounts Committee meeting City Manager Owen Keegan stated he didn’t know if the incinerator would be built or not. Given that it is up to him and his officials this seems a crazy statement and shows the problems with the lack of transparency and accountability in this project.

In 1998 when the decision to tender for the Poolbeg Incinerator was first decided on responsibility for the project was handed to the officials in Dublin City Council. Since then almost €100 Million has been spent, including €32million on what emerged to be illegal contracts. In recent times Councillors have voted against this project but the officials have kept driving it forward.

Much of the decision have been taken behind closed doors, without any transparency and with little public debate, or democratic oversight. As such the project has been robbed of any accountability – the man behind this, Eoin Tierney, has in fact been given a plumb job with Irish Water.

This whole sorry debacle is a perfect example of how things go wrong without oversight, and why accountability is so important.