Bus Connects Launches Third Round of Public Consultation

The 3rd phase of public consultation for Bus Connects has now begun – and Patrick Costello TD has encouraged all citizens/residents groups to engage with this process as it shapes the future of our capital city.

The process will run for six weeks from November 4th to December 16th.

The Bus Connects website contains extensive tools on the current phase from brochures on the different corridors to virtual public information rooms.

They have also confirmed that impacted property owners have been contacted for one on one meetings with the design team.Community forums in the form of online webinars are also due to take place.

You can find out full information on their website: https://busconnects.ie/initiatives/core-bus-corridor/

Likewise you can contact them via email (cbc@busconnects.ie) or Freephone 1800 303 653.