Green Party Launches Wellbeing Indicators

Neasa Hourigan TD, Marc O’Cathasaigh TD and Senators Pauline O’Reilly and Róisín Garvey at the launch.

Today the Green Party published its Wellbeing Indicators Position Paper, aimed to measure the welfare of the Irish nation and look at the social benefits of our national budgetary decisions.

The perception and experience of ‘wellbeing’ or quality of life can be subjective. Our GDP isn’t always a good reflection of how we’re really doing as an economy, how people feel, how people are getting on in life, whether they can access employment if they’re a person with a disability. Those are incredibly important issues that the economy is meant to address, and Wellbeing Indicators are hopefully a way of doing this.

In the last economic recovery we were told that we were recovering when people didn’t actually feel it. This is important as well.

You can find the full details in our party document here.