WATCH: ASD School Campaign in Dublin 12

This week I again spoke on the campaign for ASD Schooling in Crumlin and invited the Minister and Minister of State to come down and see the proposed site for the school.

Full Speech Transcript:

I thank both the Minister and Minister of State as they have met representatives of the campaign group and made time to do that. It would be beneficial to meet the group again and see the site it proposes for use. There is an empty school building and the group has engaged with the owners. These people have found a patron. They are putting all the pieces together and it would be a really positive move for the Minister and Minister of State to meet the group.

There are several schools in the area and two health centres that could provide speech and language and occupational therapy. These are the multidisciplinary supports that the children who would ultimately use the school would need. The NCSE report indicates a lack of provision in the area already.

There is an opportunity to create that community of which the Minister of State speaks. It would be a community and education hub where all the children and parents could be together across the road from each other and the other services they need. There is an amazing opportunity here. I encourage the Minister and Minister of State to meet the campaigners on the site and see the proposed school if at all possible.