WATCH: Testing services for Inchicore.

Full transcript:

I raise the issue of accessibility of testing services. While this is obviously a nationwide issue, I will give just one example from my constituency. Until recently, the HSE had a community testing centre at the old health centre on Emmet Road in Inchicore. That is now closed and people in the area who are looking to be tested are having to go out to Citywest or Dublin Airport. According to the Central Statistics Office, CSO, there are places in my constituency where 75% of households do not have access to a car. How are they supposed to get to Citywest or the airport when we are telling them not to use public transport? I have raised with the HSE the need for local community services that are accessible to people who do not have access to a car and who cannot or do not drive. I got a reply from the HSE but not really an answer. Will the Government ensure there are accessible testing services at a community level instead of forcing people to schlep all the way out to Citywest when they do not have a car?