Home Energy Upgrade Scheme will be a ‘gamechanger’ in Dublin South Central

Patrick Costello TD and the Dublin South Central Greens welcome the new Home Energy Upgrade Scheme launched by Minister Eamon Ryan today (February 8th), in what is the biggest home insulation and retrofit scheme ever offered in the State.

The scheme will include a new suite of measures that will make it easier for homeowners to undertake home energy upgrades, from individual measures such as attic insulation to a full retrofit. For private homes, new grants will cover close to half the cost (45-51%) of a deep retrofit that will improve the energy efficiency to a high B2 rating. That means grants of more than €25,000 may be offered to individual householders to help pay for deep retrofits of their homes.

Patrick Costello TD stated:

“This scheme seeks to remedy what has always been one of the greatest barriers to retrofitting our existing building stock – the high upfront cost of construction.

“This large package of measures gives assurance that there will be something here for everyone, whatever your price point might be. It is going to ensure that the people of Dublin South Central have warmer homes and will spend less on their energy bills in the long-term.”

In addition to the provision for deep retrofitting, there will also be 80 per cent grants available to households who opt for more minor works, such as insulating attics or cavity walls, reducing the overall cost of such works and making them accessible to more people across the country.

Patrick Costello TD stated:

“Approximately half the homes in the country need upgraded insulation in their attic, which can lower the cost of heating the family home by 25% every year or between €400 and €500. I’m also delighted to see that a there will be a network of ‘one-stop-shops’ created to assist people from Dublin South Central undertaking a deep retrofit to get information about the application process, financing, and construction. I know that people will take comfort in knowing that there is one location for any retrofitting information that they might need in future.”

Households most at risk of energy poverty will also be eligible for a Free Energy Upgrade Scheme.

The Home Energy Upgrade Scheme is a significant step towards meeting the Programme for Government commitment to retrofit 500,000 homes to B2 standard and to install 400,000 heat pumps by 2030.