Green Party welcomes international cooperation to crackdown on Kinahans

Green Party Justice spokesperson Patrick Costello TD has welcomed today’s announcement of new international sanctions from the US on the Kinahan gang who have been parasites on Irish society for too long.

Deputy Costello said: “The joint announcement from the US government, An Garda Síochána and their international law enforcement colleagues is a testament to the power of international collaboration and cooperation”.

He continued “having worked as a social worker on the ground in Dublin I have seen first-hand how the Kinahans have destroyed lives and preyed on the most vulnerable in our society.”

“Their cartel operates across the globe and I commend the work the Gardaí have done to arrange this coalition of global law enforcement agencies with sufficient resources to overpower the Kinahans”.

He concluded: “There is an untold human cost from the continuation of this insidious narco-business on communities across Ireland and internationally. It is incredibly important now that any business or individual who has facilitated laundering of the Kinihans’ money or reputations gets the message loud and clear that the Kinihans and their associates will be brought to justice”.