Local TD Patrick Costello calls for de-escalation of violence following shooting in Dublin 8


Green Party TD for Dublin South Central Patrick Costello has called for feuding gangs to de-escalate the situation following a further eruption of violence in the Pimlico area of the city last night, leaving a young man in hospital.

Costello said “A spree of reckless and extremely menacing gun violence has run out of control in recent days in the city centre and it must end now. We cannot have a situation where residents in the Liberties are reduced to fearing stray bullets hitting their homes.”

He continued “These gangs were already laying waste to the lives of so many young people with great potential. The events of recent days at Mercer House in Dublin 2 and now in my own constituency at Pimlico Cottages in Dublin 8 represent an extremely dangerous escalation putting innocent members of the public at risk.”

As Green Party Justice Spokesperson, Patrick Costello is calling for a focusing of resources to deal with both the causes and results of gang crime in the city.

He said “The Government must refocus on the resourcing of services creating pathways that direct young people away from gangs and criminality. This work diminishes the influence of gangs on young people, without whom these gangs can’t continue their illicit trade.

Costello concluded “In tandem with this, Garda Commissioner Drew Harris must intensify high visibility policing in the area. We cannot have the community in the Liberties having any sense that lawlessness has set in. We must reign in those who insist on endangering lives and reigning terror on our streets through gun violence.”