STATEMENT: Costello Welcomes New Sensible Policy to Test Drug Safety at Festivals.

Patrick Costello, Green Party TD for Dublin South Central has today welcomed a new announcement by the Department of Health regarding the testing of drug quality at music festivals.

Speaking this morning he began, “Drug use at festivals is not a new phenomenon. Clearly a change in policy is needed here, one that is sensible and accepts the reality of the situation.”

Reflecting on the General Election of 2020 Costello continued, “In the Green Party we campaigned on a number of drug reform policies including supporting drug quality testing services. It is great to see that with today’s announcement Green Party policy has become national policy. I believe this reflects the strong work carried out by Neasa Hourigan as Green Party Health Spokesperson and others.”

Concluding he remarked, “This is a positive announcement, but it is only the tip of the iceberg. This should be rolled out to nightclubs and included in the work programme of the Night Time Task Force. Likewise, it will form an important part of the upcoming Citizens Assembly on Drugs. I believe that assembly, and this policy, represent the direction of travel we need to be taking in relation to drug policy. The days of treating drugs as justice issue as numbered, we need to take a new, sensible, progressive, health-based approach to this area. This policy does just that.”