WATCH: Apartment Fire Defects Remedial Scheme.

Full Transcript:

Deputy Costello: Commitments have been made to examining defects in housing. This is a major issue in my constituency, especially for people living in apartment complexes. Residents in Park West are facing bills of in the region of €30,000 per apartment for problems and defects that are not of their own making. A remedial scheme should have been provided in budget 2023 but was not. The Minister has a copy of the report of the working group. Will the Government announce details of and a timeline for a remedial scheme to support residents in order to give property owners clarity in respect of this matter? It is imperative that the owners have a clear timeline.

Taoiseach: The Minister is examining this matter. He has the report, which outlines the scale of the issues. Approximately 100,000 apartments are impacted. The Minister, in consultation with colleagues, will develop options with a view to providing support to homeowners who find themselves in difficulty or in a difficult financial situation through no fault of their own before the end of this year. Hopefully, we will have proposals before in respect of that.