STATEMENT: Censoring of Chaplin Prison Reports Highly Concerning for Transparency in the Penal System.

Green Party TD and Justice Spokesperson Patrick Costello was today speaking following reports of the censoring of Chaplin reports by the IPS.

He began, “The reports today are really concerning. The failure to release these reports is not confined to one institution or Chaplin. This is across the penal system. This would indicate a widescale attempt to cover up systemic issues, as opposed one particular incident or institution.”

Commenting on a wider trend he said, “As both a TD and Irish citizen I find this to be highly concerning. We should know what is going on in our prison system, warts and all.”

“This is a concerning pattern. Reports from the Inspector of Prisons have been sat with the Minister for over a year. For example, a report into the Dóchas centre has been on her desk since August 2020, held under lock and key. I have raised this repeatedly with the Minister. The United Nations Human Rights Committee has likewise called for its publication.”

Concluding he remarked, “Minister Harris will take over at the Department of Justice for the next six months. This is an opportunity for a clean slate. I’m calling on him to release these, and all outstanding reports, to the public. The time for secrecy is over. If our public is to have trust in the penal system, then the release of these reports are paramount to that.”


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