STATEMENT: Deputy Costello request Gardaí attend Justice Committee on recent attacks on migrants

Text of statement:

Patrick Costello Green Party TD and Justice Spokesperson has written to the chair of the Justice Committee requesting that the Garda Commissioner and senior Gardaí address the committee in relation to recent attacks on migrants and asylum centres.  Costello stated “The recent escalation in behaviour by those protesting against migrants is absolutely unacceptable. However, there appears to be a reluctance to effectively police these protests and an inconsistency with how other protest groups have been handled in the past. The Commissioner and senior Gardaí need to explain as to why Gardaí are not intervening in escalating cases of intimidation and violence.”  “There is a legal protection of the right to protest, but the gardai seem to be tolerating the growing use violence and intimidation on our streets. The Gardaí were present at the protest on Sandwich street and yet shortly after the counter protestors were led away, the camp was set on fire. Earlier today in Clare protestors forced themselves onto a bus to film and count migrants arriving at Magowna House hotel. These are just two recent examples”“Nobody has a right to veto who gets to live in their community. We have international obligations which oblige us to protect those seeking asylum in our country. For centuries Irish people fled our own country seeking a better life abroad. We should be cognisant of our own history. Incidents like these chip away at the very fabric of democratic Ireland.”